Monday, June 13, 2011

Florida Bound

I went to Florida with my mum for the past few days to celebrate her birthday! We stayed with my aunt Renee', she lives in Sorrento FL. I love where she lives, she has an amazing view of the golf course from her back window, she has a work out center, and let's not forget the POOL! All three of us went to the pool almost everyday. As you all know, I love anything that has to do with water, and tanning.. I found this Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen with Mica Minerals, I guess it's to help make you appear darker, it adds a bit of glitter to your skin, and it smells amazing! We went shopping, saw my Grandparents, and my Aunt Debbie, ate at some really good restaurants like Sweet Tomatoes and Papa Joe's Italian Restaurant, We went and saw the movie Thor for for my mum's birthday, we went to Publix multiple times and I found a blow up Turtle named Charlie :) he was supposed to be $12.99 but we got him for $5.99! He's so adorable, but he's kinda a pervert.. moving on. The night we were leaving, we decided to go shopping, well we didn't get out of the mall until 9pm. and to get back home is a five hour drive, so we decided to stay at my uncles house, unfortunately he's away on a business trip, so we stayed with his girl friend. The next day it was back home to South Carolina, but we ended up shopping a little more! It feels good to be back home, smelling the salty air...mmmm!

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