Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wading for Reds

Let's go Wading for some Reds...
Yesterday afternoon, I went Flats Fishing with my father and brother. When we got out there, the tide was just right. We anchored the boat, jumped onto the flats, and started walking to our spots. The water started covering the marsh, and all we could do was wait for some tails. The fiddlers swam past, the snails started to crawl up the tall grass, and there in the distance we saw a splash. My brother got to it before I did, we both just stood there, watched the beautiful Red tail in the water, then it was time to cast the rod, he casted about four times, but we ended up spooking him. In the distance we heard my dad yelling about something. We headed towards him. Let me just say, walking in thigh high water is a workout. When we finally reached him, we saw he had a Red! It was a gorgeous fish and a really good size! My dad had a smile from ear to ear! I took a few pictures, then we released it. We started walking again, all three of us set off in different directions. I came across an island that had huge spiders, everywhere I looked, there was a spider. I called it Spider Island. We all three ended up meeting back up, and started to just cast our rods for fun.. the sun started to set, which meant it was time to walk back to our boat.
The sunset look like a big ball of fire; it was the perfect way to end the day!


Collins said...

i love these pictures! cherish these moments with your family. i grew up fishing and hunting with my dad. it was always my special time to be with him. i was a daddy's girl big time! he passed away two months ago and i will always cherish those moments with him!

Liz said...

What a dreamy place to live! Your photos are incredible - must be a great camera! Thanks for stopping by A Happy Haven! xo