Monday, July 18, 2011

Water Festival has arrived

Beaufort, South Carolina holds a Water festival ever year in downtown Beaufort, on the waterfront, of course.
This marks the 56th year, it's from the 15th-24th.
 Friday was the first night, the first night is always free, the MCAS Band comes to play, and Fireworks are always a must for an opening ceremony! (Even if it was sprinkling outside). I went with my friend Meghan, when we first got there, we walked over to the Beer Tickets, and started the night off with a nice cold one! I saw a South Carolin Lottery Ticket Stand, and said we should go do a few scratch offs! I won a dollar, Meghan won fifty! She got her picture taken, I jumped in! After that, we walked to the water front, and the fireworks began. After we watched fireworks, we ran into a few friends, said our hello's then it was off to Panini's to eat! Thankfully Paninin's had a huge tent outside on the deck, so no one got rained on. We ordered ourselves Frozen Sangria's, and Cesar Salads. While we were eating, a few friends came up, and sat down. We ordered some beers, watched the band play, met some new people, danced, did a little bar hopping.. then it was time to go home! (Let's just say, it wasn't that easy, when your friends have been drinking, and losing keys, not so fun.. ) but all-in-all, it was a great night!

It was a great night for Water Festival!

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Collins said...

love it! my best friend lives in beaufort and it's about time for a visit. though i have to say at 33 i'm a little too old to hang with the wild crowd of water festival. but back in the day? yikes!