Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hello Colin Farrel

Let's take it back to the 80's
 Yeah, I'm talking about Fright Night!
I went to see this last night with my mum; the good thing about going on Tuesdays at nine o'clock, is it's discounted, (even though 5 dollars still seems like a lot for a movie), and we were the only two people in the movie theatre. I loveeeeee that! Pick any seat you want, no one is talking, you could eat anything without people giving you an evil look.. yeah it was nice.
Let's get back to the movie, well for starters Colin Farrel is such a hottie in this film. I have a thing for Vampires as it is.. think Twilight, Queen of the Damned, etc. There are some really good looking Vamps!
But Colin .. woooo, he's such a cutie!
It's a really good film!
 I don't really remember the original Fright Night, therefore means I need to go find it on DVD, and watch it.
As you know, the kids neighbor is a Vampire, who is pretty much eating the whole neighborhood up. The kid tries to kill Jerry, yes, the Vampires name is Jerry. That's all I'm going to say about this movie. There are some bloody scenes, unexpected scenes, and scenes that keep you on your feet! If you haven't seen it, do go! And if yours an 80's fan, then I'm sure you will love this thriller!

Isn't he hot! Mmhmmm he can come bite me anytime!... "Sorry Corey, (boyfriend), but your girlfriend has a thing for good looking Vampires.."


navy and orange said...

so jealous of your empty movie theater. A date alone with Colin...priceless!

xoxo navy & orange

Islandia Lane said...

haha sorry BF... love that and so loved this movie.

My Mom and I went to see this too together! However, in NYC we paid A LOT more :-/