Friday, September 30, 2011

Charleston Thrifting

i love thrift stores

Yesterday my mum wanted to go to Charleston, and do a little shopping. Something kept telling me to go to this one Thrift Store; the last time I was in Charleston (dropping the boyfriend off at the airport), something told me to go in the thrift store, but it said not until your with your mum. And when I say "something told me", I'm referring to my gut.. I guess it's my gut talking to me.
Anyways yesterday we were running late, we were near the Outlets which is in one direction, and the Thrift Store I wanted to go to, was in the completely opposite direction. We hit traffic.. and the time was clicking. But I wasn't in any rush, which is unusual. I just said to myself, if it's meant to be there, it will be. Well luckily we got there and had thirty minutes to look around. As we walked to the back of the store, my mum spotted these Vintage bowls that she loves, a set of three, (in Pennsylvania, each one of those bowls go for $22- and up)! She got hers all for under $7! Great deal, huh?
Well she picked her bowls up, moved a few more feet, and found an old Vintage dog, a few more feet, she found an even bigger one! She has a few in her bedroom, she likes to put her pearls all over them, they look so French! I think each one was under $2.. they are pretty cute!
I guess that feeling I got was right, it wanted my mum there so she could find her bowls and doggies!

Thank goodness it's Friday!
And I am definitely enjoying it!
I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!


Sara Szatmary said...

You always find the best stuff!! Love the bowls.

Meagan said...

That's awesome that your mom found some things that she loved and that you were following your instinct!