Friday, September 23, 2011

Houses are a pain in the you know what...

Let's just say, looking for the perfect house is hard.
 There is no other words for it. It's tons of work, it takes up time to go look inside each one, some are really scary, but then you have some nice ones (rarely).
I am moving to Good ol' Pennsylvania with my boyfriend sometime during the holidays/ possibly after. (I am living with my parents still, and he just got out of the military last year, and is living with his parents). Of course we would want to live with our parents forever ... but we can't do that. It's time to start living on our own. We would rather not rent, why rent when you can buy? I don't want an expensive house, just something sort of small, with at least two/three bedrooms, and one and a half bathrooms would be nice. The one thing I do not like about Pennsylvania, is how every house has a basement! Whyyyyyy? Most of them get flooded, well at least where he lives.. and they are scary. Hasn't anyone watched Horror Movies! Okay okay, maybe they aren't all scary. But the ones I've been in/seen, are!
Well anyways, here are a few houses we've seen. It's hard for me to actually go inside of them, since I'm not living there yet. So my boyfriend must call up the Realtor, schedule appointments, and waste precious time going to see all of them. I thought the Gray Stucco House was definitely it! It has three bedrooms, one bath, two car garage.. wood floors, granite counters, white trim. It was perfect! Until his father went over there and noticed some very major things wrong with it. That was a shot to the heart, Corey and I were so excited, thiking this was the one, when it clearly wasn't. It's a lot of stress looking at houses, it's a huge huge huge investment! We are both stressed out, so I told him we just need a few days away from looking at houses. But tomorrow he is going to look at the Cottage (last house on this post). When I was visiting up there, this was acutally the first house we went to go look at, (but we only looked at the outside). When we pulled up, it had no drive way, a little yard, a few problems with the roof (that can be fixed). But it just seemed a little too small for us. I actually ended up liking it, it's on a lake, super nice area, great for running or bike riding! Well, since we haven't found anything, he decided to call the Realtor up, and go take a look inside. Who knows, maybe all this time, it was waiting for us.

This is the view from the window in the living room.
 It needs a little work, but I would have it in Country Living Magazine in no time!


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Good luck finding one that you love! Ahh house hunting is a TON of work but once you find the one its all worth it! Have a great weekend! XO

Natasha said...

Omg I totally know what you mean! My hubby and I are going through the same thing right now. We finally put an offer on something that we really love though, so wish us luck!

Love the blog!

Sara Szatmary said...

Good luck darling! I have no concept of house purchasing (too broke), but I know you'll find something stellar!

Fleur De Moi said...

What part of Pennsylvania are you moving to? I was born and raised there and LOVED it! I also grew up with a creepy basement AND wine seller. I completely agree with you on the creepy factor.
Good luck finding your first place! I'm sure all this annoying looking will pay off.