Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Before & afters

As most of you know, my boyfriend and I have been looking for a house.
(It's hard work trying to find something we both like). I don't consider myself picky when it comes to the inside of a house, cause everything can be redone. But for the outside.. not so much. The outside is very difficult and quite costly to redo. I have to find a house I like on the outside, at least somewhat. I do not want to pull up to my house and say 'ew' but walk inside and say 'ohh-ahh'. -It's just not happening. I have liked three out of the fifteen we've looked at. But all the ones I like are either too expensive (and wont go down on the price), or they have major problems. All I want is something small; two-three bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, a living room possibly big enough for a table so we wont have to have a dining room, and a small kitchen, and a laundry room that is not in a creepy ass basement would be really really really nice! I don't care if the walls are hideous panels, or brick, I don't care if there is carpet, I don't even care if the walls are crazy colors, you know why? Cause all that is going to be gone in a matters of weeks! I would love to find a Cape Cod style home, I love that cottage look. I don't mind brick, nor vinyl siding as long as it's done right, but then again I looooove wood homes, and I'm hoping that's what we will end up getting! The right house is out there .. somewhere!
Anyways, I was looking through some old blogs and came across a post I liked. It's before and afters, this is perfect; this is what I want to show my boyfriend. That the inside of a hideous house, can be turned into the inside of a beautiful house! I got these pictures from Young House Love.
Go check out their other before and afters and their new home as well!

What do you think?
This house definitely belong in a magazine!
I hope whatever house we find, turns out looking as great at this one!


Bahar Karaoglan said...

I would definitely like to live there! :)
I am sure the search for you and your boyfriend is so exciting :)

Best wishes!

Fleur De Moi said...

Those are some impressive before and after pictures!
I also agree with you. When I finally get around to buying a house I want the outside to pop at me. I always ASSUMED that when you buy your first house that you fix the inside up to fit you.

Erin said...

You'll find "the house!" :) what awesome transformations!!

Sara Szatmary said...

Holy crap! That shows some SERIOUS talent!!

Tiffany said...

These before and afters are gorgeous!!