Monday, October 24, 2011

Colors of ... fall

Oh Fall,
 how I'm so glad you have finally reached us here in South Carolina.
For the past few days..
 it's been quite nippy outside,
during the days it's in the upper 60's, at night it gets down to the lower 40's.
 It's the perfect time for a fire, so of course we have had a few already.
How's the weather in your neck of the woods darlings?


Fleur De Moi said...

It's just starting to cool off down here in New Orleans too. Its so lovely to not sweat off ALL your makeup as soon as you step out the door!

Anonymous said...

Lovely images! It's still in the 80's to low 90's here in California, but I'm anticipating the Fall weather to be here soon! Xoxoxo ~Ashley

Stephanie said...

Such pretty pictures!!!

Mo Pie, Please said...

Lovely photos! The weather has been like that here in Kentucky lately and we've been lighting the fire frequently. It's pretty glorious!

Erin said...

Your photography is beautiful :) It's still dang hot where I live!

Sara Szatmary said...

GORGEOUS PHOTOS!! Seriously darling, you should sell these on etsy!

Alisha said...

These mums are gorgeous!! Great shots. Really. Love these colors!