Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hello Asheville, NC

Hello Asheville!
Hey guys! Sorry it's been awhile since I've written anything, my mum and I have been in Asheville NC, for the past few days. I have wanted to see the leaves change for over a decade now, so I told my parents I was going, with or without them! Luckily my mum came with me.
 As soon as we got into Asheville, we took a detour, and ventured through the Blue Ridge Parkway, the leaves were beautiful! And the overlooks were even better! We couldn't have gotten there at a more perfect time.
The first night, we ordered pizza and went back to our hotel room and watched Dancing with the Stars. The next day we ate some waffles and went to a few thrift stores. Then we were off to Chimney Rock! On the way to Chimney Rock, I went down a road that I fell in love with, it made a circle through the valley, and let's just say the views were beautiful, I found a little shack house next to a barn, I want to live there! You look out your back window, and all you see is mountains! Anyways, we got off that road and headed towards our destination. When we reached Chimney Rock the first thing we did was hiked to the waterfall, then it was off to all the other overlooks. Let me just warn you, if you ever go, prepare yourself! There are A LOT of stairs! All in all, it was a great time! After the hike we found a guy who was selling apples, so we got a bag full, then we went out to eat at a place on Lake Lure; mum and I got veggie burgers with fries, and a side order of onion rings! Yummy! When we walked out of the restaurant, the view from the lake was amazing, I could have stayed there forever! After dinner, we headed back to Asheville, and stayed at a Holiday Inn that was super cozy! Our view from our room was niiiiice! We watched Dancing with the Stars,  (I was kinda upset that David Arquette got voted off!) The next day we ate some more waffles, and set out to find Antique Stores. We went to a few places, fell in love with lots of furniture at the Tobacco Barn. After that we went to Biltmore Village, ate at Moe's, and then headed back home!
It was such a great few days, it was so nice to get out of Beaufort.. I always feel like I'm at home in the mountains, it's just so cozy and there is so much to do! If you live in the mountains, you are lucky, and I am jealous!


Fleur De Moi said...

Looks like you had such a lovely and enjoyable trip. I just drove through Virginia last weekend and it had many similar views. This really is the perfect time of year in those areas.

Sara Szatmary said...

Oh my gosh friend! That scenery looks like a dream. SO PRETTY! Plus, you look like you had an amazing time!

Renee B. said...

I've always wanted to visit here!! I have a friend that lives close by. Beautiful photos girl! :)

Maria said...

Thanks so much for visiting! Glad you did, bc now I found your blog! :) I love it! Your photos are very pretty!! I am dying for a nice camera! Photos are my favorite!
Reading through your past few posts, I can see you're a super fun lovin' beautiful person!
That sushi looks so good!!
Looking forward to following!
Happy Sunday!
Maria :)