Monday, November 21, 2011


I just got back from Pennsylvania, and let's just say this was such a fun trip!
A few days into my trip, my friends and I all went out for Sushi, it was sooo tasty!
After sushi, Corey had to go help Red with his car.. Ash, Pat, and myself went to the mall to get Pat some new pants. Of course I wanted to go shopping, too, so I went to a few places.. I actually spent quite awhile in there buying stuff. (Thankfully everything fit in my carry-on)! After the mall we headed back to Corey's, when we pulled in the yard, Ash made a comment, "Red's car must be in the garage", something seemed a little fishy cause I knew nothing could fit in the garage.. but I didn't really think about it. We rung the doorbell, and Corey came running down and opened the door, all of a sudden he took off running back upstairs to the kitchen, and so did Pat. "That was rude", I said to Ashley. As soon as I got upstairs, I turned to the kitchen and everyone screamed "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"! ... Oh my gosh, it's a surprise party!!! I was so shocked, and clueless... there were streamers, balloons, Happy Birthday Banners everywhere! I couldn't believe they threw me a party! On the table was a Reese's Ice Cream Cake with candles, mmm mmm mmmmm it was sooo tasty! After I blew out my candles, we all started playing around, then we headed out this bar called Tommy Boys and had a few shots, and drinks. Turns out Reds car was fine, and Pat didn't even need pants but yet he spent $60 on two pairs, just so he didn't screw up the plans! It was such a great night, thanks you guys!
A few days later it was off back to South Carolina, let's say the airports were ridiculous.. my plane got delayed for nearly four hours, and when I got to Charlotte, the plane didn't have a gate, so we had to actually walk down the planes stairs; while it was pouring rain, grab out carry-ons which were getting rained on, and then run into the airport, I then had to run my ass all the way to the other end of the airport so I could make my flight in time! (... let's not forget I had to tinkle sooooo bad!) As I was getting off the plane, both my bag handles broke off my bag, my earrings some how both fell out my ears, and no one cared to help me... thanks a lot! Man it felt good seeing my parents pull up!
 Oh, and did I mention leaving PA it was in the 40's, when I got to Charleston, it was 72 degrees! I love the South..

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