Thursday, December 8, 2011

Firewood time!

My family has almost gone through two trailer loads of Firewood in the past two months!
It was cold here for a little bit, then it turned hot for a week, and now it's back to being cold.
So you know what the means.. more Firewood!
My mum and I hooked the trailer up and off to the Firewood Guy we went!
Usually a trailer load is $60, but the guy ended up giving it to us for only $40, it must be that Holiday Spirit, or maybe he was like 'ha look at those idiots loading it all by themselves..' who knows.
It's worth it, loading it, I mean. You get plenty of exercise, and your arms looks amazing! Not like I can show them off or anything, but at least I know, underneath all those layers, I have good looking arms!
Did you get your firewood yet?

Max likes chewing Firewood if you couldn't tell...


Yummy Mummy said...

Love these fall pictures! And what a cute pup! Happy Holidays!

Megan said...

These pictures are precious!!

Katie*Belle said...

Great photos! And your outfit is adorable!