Friday, December 2, 2011

Shutterfly this Christmas

The one 'must' during this Holiday Season is mailing out Christmas cards to friends and family.
Last year, I purchased cards from Shutter Fly. They came out perfect, and everyone kept telling me how great they were, which was a huge plus!
This year, my mum and I were debating on whether or not we should go with the picture cards again, or just send out regular cards. We both decided on picture cards! How could we not?
They are much more memorable then regular cards with Santa on them... don't you agree?
The next big decision was, what card do we go with.. There are so many to choose from, I was literally in a CHAOS! -I spent over 5 1/2 hours working on them... (talk about work).
I chose three cards, one was an actual card, the other two were flat cards. They were all really cute, I liked the card cause it said 'Merry Christmas from the Coast', my family lives on the coast, so what could be better then that card? Well, it's cute but.. eh.. I'm kinda naked, so let's not choose that one...
The next one was simple, it's a flat photo card. But damn for the price, it was nearly as much as the card from the coast.. so that was a no no!
And third (last and best), I just decided to make my own. This photo card was 32 cents, and I could add three pictures, and write whatever I wanted on it! I liked it, and so did my mum, so that's what we went with.
I think we chose the right choice.

What about you bloggers?
 Have you guys mailed out your Christmas Cards?
 Did you do photo cards as well, or went with something simple?


Michelle P said...

These are all very cute! We've never sent out cards, but want to.

Anna Walker said...

WOAH! THose cards are super super cute! I like how you have 3 cards! They are look great! YOu did a good job on putting them together! :)