Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New, new, new

I have been wearing the same sandals for two maybe even three summers in a row,
it wasn't by choice,
trust me..
I have been looking for new ones, since mine aren't too pretty anymore.
And it's taken awhile!
 I mean every time I go out, I look for sandals, but never seem to find any! Or they are too pricey for me.
Well times have changed, and not only have I found one pair of sandals, I found TWO!
One pair was $24.99 and the Ralph Lauren pair was $29.99!
I had to get both of them-
Now I have two pairs of cute sandals!

Do you have any cute sandals?
Do you have problems finding sandals like I do?
What's your style sandals for the year?


Nora said...

these sandals come close to what I'm looking for. Brown colors, some cute details like the plaits...oh I'm so looking forward to summer!
xx Nora

Tricia said...

Those are both so cute! I've been on the hunt for new sandals far no luck :)

Shauna said...

Those are cute! Im going to have to go hit up my TJ Maxx and see if I cant find me some ;)

... Shauna ...

Eloquent English said...

Super cute sandals! I have 2 pair from Aldo that look very similar to the lighter pair you purchased. I'd love to get a new pair like your Lauren ones!!! xoxo