Saturday, April 14, 2012

Yard Sale Saturday


Today was a really good day for yard sales!
(Where as last weekend, was not! Note: never go to yard sales on Easter weekend). This week there had to be around twenty that we went to, some of them my mum and I drove past and were like "ehhh, no". But we did go to a lot of them, and we did find some pretty good stuff.
The most expensive thing we bought, was a piece of art, (the one with the houses, and boat) that was $15 handmade by this carpenter. And I have to say the best deal is the piece of window art that was only $5! The guy did say ten dollars, but we didn't want it that bad, then as we were about to walk away, he said take it for $5! And so we did! He told us he got it a Consignment Shop for $120, but I know here in the South, window art is not cheap, they usually run between $300-$1,200! Let's just say, we got it for a deal! The cheapest item, was  little Vintage Sheep, it was only .10 cents! My mum loves vintage stuff, so she was pretty excited to find that! My favorite item is the blender I got, it was only $6, and it works great! I also got three long sleeve button-down shirts, Ralph Lauren, J Crew, and some other brand for $1 (for all three)! I also got some work out pants, that were both a $1, (if you work out, you know work out pants are pretty pricey!). Max, my dog, pretty much got a deal! He got a Basketball for .50 cents, a rag Toy for .25 cents, and three free Tennis Balls. (I think he liked his Rag Toy the best). I believe we got a few other items, but I didn't want to post everything, just the really good finds!
I hope you enjoy!

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Ben & Cassie said...

WOW good finds girl, I love the house art and a blender? score! I also love those baskets, i need to go garage sale-ing, like thrifting for the outdoors!