Monday, July 7, 2008

Starting out fresssh...

Well, to start things off, im Kristen...
I have always wanted to blog , but never could find the time to do so until now.
I will mostly be blogging about travel, fashion, food, and my typical everyday life *excluding the boring stuff that nobody would care for*..

I am a vegetarian, so I try to eat healthy delicious food.. but sometimes junk food will appear.
I love sushi, angel food cake, dark-red cherries, homemade salads and subs, Toberlone chocolate, develed eggs, and of course smoothies *Esp. the way I make them*.

I love fashion! I receive many fashion magazines. I love to shop and find great deals on things.
I have a few favorite stores, but they all change deciding on what time of the year it is. I like to cut out specific things in magazines, and just dream about one day having them. I will be taking pictures of random people, with amazing style. I will show you my likes and loves of different clothing, bags, shoes, make-up, etc.

Travel.. is something I love to do. One place, I someday hope to go see, is the Pyramids. I don't know why, but I just find them trully amazing! Other then that, I love anything to do with tropical beaches, clear water, wildlife, and the city. If you know of any great places, let me know!

Until I can start uploading pictures.. I will just be talking about what's going on here in good ol' South Carolina. :)

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