Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas is gone, but the tree remains..

Im helping my mom take down Christmas stuff today.. Everything is pretty much in boxes, being ready to be stored in the attic. There is so much stuff! My mom is crazzzy in love with Christmas and im starting to be, too!
While I was putting up ornaments, I was just so sad.. so I decided to leave all the pastel colors up such as blue, pink & green. The tree will remain up for a few more weeks. My dad actually came up with a good idea, he said we should cut out hearts in pink & red paper and put them all over the tree!
I hate how people cut down these gorgeous tree's and leave them up for maybe a week or so, then they just take it down the next day and throw it away likes it's nothing. This tree gave up it's life to be there, to make you happy.. and no one appreciates it. But not in this family! We love our tree! And we plan on keeping it up for a few more weeks. You might think we're weird.. but we just love looking at it. Even if there were no ornaments, it's still gorgeous.
Update: I posted pictures under Christmas Eve and Christmas.

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