Friday, January 16, 2009


I found a new site last night, while I was flipping through some old Domino magazines. It's called Etsy, "Your place to buy & sell all things handmade".I know its been around for awhile, (My mom told me she has known of it for quite some time). But it's new to me, and I love it! Once I came to the site, I just couldn't get off! If you don't know what Etsy is then I will tell you, it is an online marketplace for buying & selling all things handmade. It has anything you want! Anywhere from art, to jewelry, accessories, holiday, pets & much more. Im in love.. I love handmade stuff, it's so much better then stuff made in China. It's more valuable in my eyes cause someone took the time to make it. I don't mind paying a little more, for better made stuff. Im going to post some pictures of the things that caught my eye.The Matte Gold Leaf and... Flowers Necklace is $26.00 & the Gold and Turquoise ...Filigree Necklace is $29.00.
penguin with red $20.00 (but that is for only one).
Oscar the Owl
is $15.00. The
Wine Country Dressis $240.00 and the
Lemon Drop Dressis $395.00. Both of the watercolor paintings of the collie and lab are $25.00 (this seller makes art work to help rescued animals). There is soo much stuff I would like to post but I don't have the room. I think you should really check the site out. You will love it, especially if you love handmade things like I do.

The dogs paintings are my favorite :)

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