Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just when you thought you knew..

What are somethings people don't know about you? It took me awhile but this is what I have come up with-
1. I only like to put pepper in my macaroni & cheese, mashed potatoes, and lima beans. Other then that, I don't like to put pepper on any other food.
2. I bite my nails. (But that is stopping this year).
3. I like opening up cans of lima beans and eating them at night.
4. I am seriously addicted to Sex and the City! I have all the seasons, and I watch them almost every night.
5. I eat my macaroni & cheese with green peas.
6. I like salsa music.
7. I cut out stuff I like in magazines, and tape it into my dream book. (Both my mom and I do that).
8. I love love love the Florida Keys, I someday will live there. The water, the palmetto trees, the people.. everything just seems so calm and relaxing.
9. I might have 6 pillows on my bed, but only one is my favorite.
10. I collect postcards from everywhere!
11. I always grab the second one. (Meaning, when im at the grocery store, I grab the second item instead of the first. I cringe when it's the last one, usually I wont get it).
12. I am addicted to art. I like going to galleries just because.
13. I wont eat anything made by MARS candy company bars because they test on animals, including guinea pigs.
14. I will not kill spiders, I save them instead. (And now with my new "Bug Catcher" it will make the job easier).
15. I cannot sleep with socks on.

There's a few things you now know about me : )

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Diaz said...

mac and cheese with peas? cute.