Monday, April 27, 2009

Hello, Pool Princess..

The weather is soo nice here in good ol' Beaufort. I have been going to this pool in this community called Habersham, that's where a few of my friends live. It is a really big pool but it's only 3 ft. on the sides and 4 1/2 feet in the middle so you can't really jump in or dive.. but there are lounging chairs to relax in and tan, there's bathrooms, showers, a little kids 1 ft. pool with a playground next to it, there is also a second story porch/balcony where you can eat and talk with your friends. The pool is beautiful, it's right on the marsh, when the sun goes down.. it's really quite a site! Habersham also has a dock, that takes you right out to Broad River, you can use kayaks anytime, there is a meeting place where you can have parties or just have a nice cook out/picnic.. there's a lot of parks for kids, tennies courts, and basketballs courts, green area's for dog's to run in, and as soon as you enter Habersham, you come into a little town that has a market, pizza place, hair salon, gardening shop, gym, post office, fire department, .. pretty much anything you need is right there. I love it there, all the houses have to be kept up, and everyone is so nice. It's definitely the place you want to be at!

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Anonymous said...

The title should be " The Princess Pool"! Guess who?