Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Let's meet..

My boyfriend met my Mom today! My mom, brother, 'Jason', and myself went to this Japanese restaurant called Fuji's for lunch. They had already gone through the "ask me one hundred question" game the day before, (My mom tends to do that with all my boyfriends). So she pretty much knew him, she just never actually met him. But lunch was good, I got the veggie bowl with noodles.. mom got the veggie bowl with rice, my brother got the steak bowl with rice, and Jason got the chicken bowl with rice. It came out to being around a little over $20 but it was my treat. He seemed a little nervous meeting her but played it off pretty well.. with his cute jokes. Plus he had my little brother there so they could talk about fishing, and other 'guy' things. Next is: meeting my Father, then 'his' parents.

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