Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You just never know..

My boyfriend called me today while I was shopping in Savannah (for mom's birthday gifts), and told me his roomate found a three week old kitten in the grass while he was mowing. The kitty wasn't in really good condition, it wasn't responding to any finger movement, it couldn't walk, wouldn't eat, nor make any noise.. they pretty much thought it wasn't going to make it. But it did! They named her Helen Keller because of her condition.. boys.. She finally had some warm milk, but she isn't really moving. Hopefully she just needs some loving, rest, and actual kitten food other then human milk.

Update: So the kitty is much better now. My boyfrined, Jason, brought her over on Friday (Mom's birthday), she pretty much just slept the whole time, and got licked by my dog Max.. She can walk and meow, but we still think she might be blind in her left eye cause she wont respond when you move a finger towards the left, but she will when you move it to the right. She also likes ping-pong balls and she enjoys watching golf on tv. Heh. Im trying to get the guys to name her something other then Helen Keller, she looks like a Lola or a Coconut.. They are wanting to get her shots and neutered, but they aren't sure if they want to keep her. They have another older cat that they have to take care of.. and I guess it's hard trying to take care of themselves, let alone two cats. Hopefully they will, the three guys are starting to get pretty attached to her, but who wouldn't, she's an adorable kitten!

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