Friday, June 5, 2009

Hey, your going to a Baseball Game!

I am such an amazing girlfriend.. I decided to surprise my boyfriend with Atlanta Braves tickets! I kind made it a little "post it" game before he actually got them, I posted one on the dart board in his room stating "Wanna play a game" Hint:look under your pillow, which then lead to saying you'll find you next clue in the morning, which when he woke up to take a shower there was a little cut-out baseball bat hanging off his shower head, on the back of that it said "your next clue is on something you drive", so when he went out to his truck he saw a baseball magnet next to his door handle, and on that note it said "when you get home how about you relax and watch some Tv.", so when he went home and picked up the remote the tickets were underneath it. (But they were in an envelope). I hope he liked them.. It's him, one of his roomates, a friend of ours named Lindsay, and myself.. going to Atlanta. The Braves are playing against the Mets so it should be fun! It will also be my first Baseball game, so im excited about that :) I forgot to mention that we are staying at the Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta! It looks soooo awesome, it has restaurants, bars, an Atrium, pools, gyms.. and it's downtown which means stores! I can't wait!

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