Monday, July 20, 2009


Atlanta was pretty amazing! We got to drive up there in Lindsay's Father's BMW, so we looked cool when we arrived at the Marriott Marquis. Once we got there, we had to hurry so we could make it to Turner Field. We had to walk in the under ground mall to get to the terminal in which all the Turner Field buses were. When we got to the buses we had no idea we each had to pay.. it also had to be the right amount of money, cause you don't get your change back! When we got to Turner Field.. there were a... LOT of people! It was pretty crazy how many people actually go to Baseball games. Luckily I had already printed the tickets out, so we had no problem waiting in line. When we got past the gates, the two guys went to the field so they could catch balls. Lindsay and myself went to the Braves Store, shirts were $28.00 kinda ridiculous.. so we went and bought food instead. When we got to our seats, which was 10 rows from the field, the game was about to start. But, Greg Maddux all of a sudden came and retired his Jersey, and announced his retirement. My boyfriend said this was a Historical Moment, so that was really neat. Once that ended, the game started! Of course the Braves beat the Mets! After the game ended the fireworks started going off. We took a cab back to the hotel and tried going to the pool, which was closed.. so the guys went to the bar that was in our Hotel and had a few drinks. Lindsay and I ordered room service.. mmm cheesy pizza that cost $24. (It actually wasn't that good). The next day we tried going to the Aquarium.. but damn the lines were crazy, we looked at the Coco-Cola Factory, and it was also packed. So we took a walk to through the Olympic Park and walked to the Westin so we could go check out the top floor and look at the city. When we got to the Westin, it was $5 for each of us to go up there unless we were going to eat, it would be free.. so we just ended up eating up there. It was so COOL! The floor rotated, in one hour you got to see the whole city, while you ate. Lunch wasn't the pricey, and it was really good. I got a salmon sandwich with a cucumber salad, yummy! After lunch all of us just wanted to pass out, so we walked back to our Hotel, on the way back we spotted Hard Rock so we went there so everyone could get a souvenir. Then we went to the pool and fell asleep under the cabana, then took a swim. After that we decided to check out the Lennox Mall. But before we got there we had to ride to Subway, which was so awesome. (Okay, it was awesome to me cause we don't have subways here in Bft). It was $8 for each of us, just for round trip. . kinda expensive. When we got there we were looking for H&M, but that was somewhere north of downtown Atl. So we just said screw it, shopped, didn't buy anything, then went out to eat. We went to a very fancy sports bar called Donatellie's. I had mussels with potato's, it was really delicious! After that we walked around in Buckhead, it was really nice. You could tell that's where the wealthy stayed. We were going to stay in the JW Marriott in Buckhead, but we ended up staying in the one downtown. Next time, we are definitely staying in the JW, it was so nice! Then we rode the subway back, got to our hotel and went for one more quick swim! The next day we took pictures of the hotel, had breakfast at Starbucks (which was in our hotel). Then we went to search for H&M! .. I was kinda disappointed when we finally got to H&M, the store was not what I expected at all! I must say Atlanta's style is different, but come on! It's H&M, I thought they would have had something I liked.. :( after that we ate the California Pizza Kitchen, it was tasty. Then it was back home to good ol' Beaufort.

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