Monday, July 13, 2009

Okay, we can relax all weekend..

Daufuskie was amazing! When we got to Hilton Head we did a little grocery shopping at Publix (Bought cherries, sweet tea, bread; from the bakery, chips, meat, pickles, tomatoes, beer, ice cream..bad idea, cookies, grapes, soda, cereal, and milk). After that we went to unload our groceries, and our bags onto the ferry, then went on the ferry. It was a thirty minute ride till we reached Daufuskie. When we got off we went to go get our golf carts and rode off into the sunset! Okay.. not really but we did ride off, to the beach house. Lindsay showed us around, the golf course is really nice, there were two pools, a club house, bar, restaurant, gym, tennis, crochet, horeses.. there was a lot to do especially if are a very outdoorsy person. That night we settled down, ate, then rode golf carts the whole night. The next day we went to both pools, spent almost all day there, then went to the beach house/restaurant. We sat outside, all of our food was really tasty, and a good price. We ordered a few drinks and talked to a few rich old people who were having the time of their life, drinking wine, and watching the sunset. Where we sat overlooked Harbor Town, it was nice just relaxing.. after that,it was back to the golf carts! Then on our last day we had to clean, then spent the rest of the time at the pool until our departure. I had a lot of fun, even if it was just relaxing all weekend by the pool, "being a pool princess as my mom would say".
Beach house/Restaurant.Our house.Adult pool. Horses :)Nice place to relax.


melaniexlove718 said...

I love dafuski :)
you know it's really "the first key"?
hahah, so swell.
i miss you, you were in hilton head & didn't call me?!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! I enjoyed viewing your pictures. Thanks for sharing.