Wednesday, August 26, 2009

They are in better place, trust me..

Yesterday I attended a burial at the National Cemetery in Beaufort. Jason's Grandfather passed away on Friday. It was a lovely service, the American flag over the casket, a soldier played the trumpet, there were lot's of beautiful flowers, and I must say a good bit of people. It was kind of awkward at first, I didn't really know any of Jason's family cause they came from Walterboro S.C., but they were really welcoming people. I met his Grandmother, also know as "Maw", she was a sweet lady, she seemed so cozy and warm as I hugged her and told her how sorry I was for her loss. She wants to get a bob wire tattoo! I thought that was pretty hard core for someone her age, but hell, who says you can't get a tattoo at that age! I liked being there for Jason, and I'm glad I got to go to the burial. I wish I would have gotten to go to the Funeral but I had absolutely nothing to wear! (That sounds kinda childish, but I like to look good..). Jason was one of the Paul Bearers so I had to stand with his siblings. I tried to see if he would tear up, but he later on told me that he almost did when the soldier handed Maw the flag, aww.. I told him to let it all out. Guys.. they never listen. But his Grandfather is in a much better place, that's the nice thing about death, you go home, and wait for everyone to come.
Other then that, nothing has happened..
But today is Jason and my self's 5 month Anniversary! :)

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