Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shoes, shoes, shooooooes ..

I seriously wish I had extra money just so I could go crazy-shoe-shopping! All of the heels shown below are from Urban Outfitters and do they look nice or what.. Instead of a boyfriend, I want shoessss.. okay, maybe I want my boyfriend, too. Is there anyway I can have both? It would be so nice if I lived in an are where I could actually wear heels, but since I don't, I threw in some flip-flops (which I already have, and I'm thinking about getting some more cause they go with everything). Anyways, I think all I want; as far as gifts go, is gift certificates for shoes. :)
$14.99 (was $28.00)$69.99 (was $98.00)
$59.99 (was $88.00)$98.00

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