Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Isn't all you could dream of and moreee.." -Daniel B.

Today was my first golf experience, and truthfully, even though I wasn't playing, I still had fun. My boyfriend and his brother invited to me go golfing with them in Palmetto Dunes, in Hilton Head. (His brother, Daniel, works there as a security guard so Jason gets to play golf for free sometimes). We had to rush there to make it to their t-time, but as soon as we got there, there was no where to park! There was some meeting going on, luckily an older gent. was leaving, and his parking spot was right next to where you start your first hole. So they started off putting first since there were people in front of us. Then the golfing began! Jason did really well, actually they both did. Until the end... Jason broke two clubs in one day. So he wasn't too happy. He did end up winning though, but he was kind of disappointed cause he was trying to beat his all time score. Reminder: whenever you go golfing, make sure to bring, water, a few snacks, and sunscreen! I was there without any food.. and the concession cart is quite pricey. But other then that, it was relaxing, watching the guys play. Maybe someday, i'll actually play, and be better then the guys.

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