Monday, September 21, 2009

The feeling you get..

The first days of fall... make me smile. You can just tell it's fall as soon as you wake up, you go outside and you feel the cool air, you see the leaves falling off the tree's, the sun isn't even up yet, you can even smell last night's burning of the leaves from other people's yards. Beaufort doesn't really have a so called "fall", but earlier this month it was kinda cool outside, and the leaves are falling, they just aren't turning pretty colors before they fall. (That's what I wish I could see). When I went to Clemson, we took back roads, with the green moss all over tree's, the leave's were changing into red, yellow, and orange instead of green.. it was just so beautiful. I love that feeling! Whoever get's that in their town is really lucky, and im seriously jealous of them! But in November, I' going with my parents up to Williamsburg VA. for a few days just so we can see the last good bit of fall. I was there a two years ago with my mom, aunt, and my brother.. and it was definitely one of the best places to travel to during this time of the year! But anyways, with fall, also comes yard work, so I must be off.. Byee- (Click on pictures to get the prints from the site).

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