Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rawr, kinda like a Tiger..

I went to my first Clemson Football Game!! It was a lot of fun, other then the fact it rained thirty minutes into the game.. then the game got delayed twice (waited 30-50 mins. each time). Ha ha, Jason, my friend Ansley, and myself sat in the rain like idiots while everyone else had poncho's and rain jackets. But Clemson ended up winning! There were sooo many people, it was crazy kinda crazy how many people actually go to these college football games! It was fun though! There is a tiger paw on everything in the town of Clemson, which is neat. It gives the town a little "something". Did I mention it was beautiful up there, the leaves were changing, there was no litter, everyone there was nice.. I really liked it. After the game we drove over to Anderson and went to the mall. I went to Victoria Secret and bought a Clemson dress! :) . . Who knows, there might be so "Tiger" in me..

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