Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The right sofa for you..

Looking for the right sofa is pretty hard to do. We bought a Martha Stewart sofa set (sofa and two chairs), a few years back so we would have some furniture to sit in while we were still redoing our living room. Well, after years later, we still have some stuff to redo in our living room, like redo our ceiling, paint the walls, and put up trim. But after much consideration.. I have come to the conclusion that our living room will probably never get redone cause our house is still not done, so we should just go out and buy a new comfortable sofa since everyone is always in the living room. After going on a few sites, here are some that have caught my eye.
john cena
john cena
$2,669.00 - $3,369.00
john cena
special $999.00 - $1,998.00

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Mummy loves both of these beauties! Do you like how the walls look in the first pic? It's time to paint!!!