Thursday, May 27, 2010

I want some sex..

... and that's exactly what I got!
Sex and the City that is... :)
I went and saw Sex and the City 2!
And I loveddd it,
a lot-
It is soo much different from the first one! This time it's Charlotte and Carrie with the problems, and I guess Sam with her "going through menopause". The beginning of the movie is a little much, you will see why, but other then that the movie is great! Go see it with your mom, friends, or heck, go see it with your boyfriend, that's what I did! (And i'll be seeing it again with my mom). But really girls, go see it!!!

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Susanne49 said...

I'll definitely will go and see it, you made me that with your great description :) Very nice blog you have, Kristen.

Thanks for your kind compliment to my blog, very much appreciated!

I'm married with a guy from SC, a real "Southern boy" :)

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