Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just one of those days..

My father told me to go pick up the boat trailor from the boat landing today and when my mom and I got there, we noticed a few cats.. okay more like ten or so cats, just relaxing.. some were eating, some were cleaning themselves, some were starting to scatter. When I walked up to them, I noticed there was a cute homeless pup that was hanging out with all the cats! I seriously think, he thought he was a CAT! Of course I had some food in the car, so we gave the cats some moist food, and gave the pup a can of dog food, and I had a plastic bowl in my car, so I gave them fresh water. They all ate together, but you know dogs.. they want all of the food! So then he started acting up and howling at the cats! lol. I'm going to keep an eye out on him though- a guy pulled up and said the pup has been there for nearly 3 weeks! (Poor little guy.. ) And then when another guy pulled up with his dog, the sad homeless pup looked as if he wanted an owner. . . If only he wasn't so skiddish! I would take him home with me!

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