Friday, July 16, 2010

55 years..

55 years of The Beaufort Waterfestival!
Opening night was a lot of fun! The Miltary had their bands come out and play, fire works went off, there was no where to park, too many people. . ha ha, but the best part was, it was FREE! The fire works were really nice, I didn't really get a chance to see real fireworks this year (since I spent my time in Fl), so that was really nice. I saw a lot of great people, who I haven't seen in years, there were a lot of hugs going around, that's for sure! The band played nearly all night- people were just having a great time. Beaufort is the place to be, right now! So if you are anywhere near here, do come. We'd love to have you! Here's a few pictures I took.
My brother and his girlfriend with the fireworks.Jody, my boy.Charley, my other boy (they are both brothers, the third one wasn't there).Sophia (exchange student), Ansley, and myself.Andrea and me-

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The Zhush said...

Looks like the best time! You are too cute!