Saturday, July 17, 2010

It was longer then an 8 second ride-

Jake Owen played tonight for the downtown Waterfestival, Concert in the Park. It was a lot of fun! It was $20 to get in (which is kinda pricy for a park), but it was well worth it! He is not only one of the sexiest country singers, but he is also a great singer live! And he's funny, seemed normal, allowed his pup, Burn, to run around on stage with him, he had people throw bra's, panties, and shirts at him.. lol. It was just a really good performance! I'm glad I got to go, last year I missed Little Big Town, but this made up for it. Here's some pictures I took of him :)
Did I mention I spent a few hours before the concert on the downtown sandbar? Well, I did, and it was pacccccked! Here, look for yourself-

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Screen Door Prep said...

How fun! I think Jake Owen is just darling! Have a great weekend!