Sunday, July 18, 2010

That's Teen Night for ya..

So tonight was Teen Night, and that means.. trouble! I remember teen night a few years back, it was just a place where you could leave your parents, hang out with your friends, get some slushies, dance, and have a good time. Well, now all the 'Gangsters' have pretty much taken over.. I feel really bad, these kids just love to start things, such as fights. Well anyways, Teen Night wasn't bad, I stayed downtown and had dinner with Jason at Panini's. Then I met up with a few friends, we walked around, and talked.. well when Teen Night ended around 10pm. I started walking back to go pick up my little brother, while I was walking I saw police officers, ems, fire trucks, people running and coughing! I was serioulsy like "what the hell is happening!". I saw my brother's girlfriend coughing, and people were on the ground .. an older man was in an Ambulance! It was pretty crazy. I found my brother, and it was time to go! I found out that a fight between all the 'Gangs' broke out in the street as people were leaving! And my poor brother and his girlfriend along with other kids got stuck and in the middle of it, and then got maced!
.. It really makes me mad that this happened! Why do kids have to act so damn stupid? Do you really have to act like trash, and fight? It's like do they even have parents? And if they do, their parents are just as bad! They ruin it for kids like my little brother, who did absolutely nothing! And im going to say it is the black kids, who wear their pants to their ass, and talk dirty.. it's sickening. And I really wish something would happen, it's up to the parents, and if not the parents, it's up to schools! Bring back the 60's pleassssse! At least they had manners, and didn't act like monkeys.. And im not targeting all African Americans, it's just the ones who act stupid, and trashy. I really feel for the ones that do have manners, and an education, im sorry that you have to go through this.. Anyways, here are some picture I took of dinner (it was sooo good, even though they had no ice, and the only beer they had was Miller..)-

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