Monday, August 9, 2010

It's what makes you happy.

My Father and Brother went fishing early this morning, even though my dad didn't catch anything, my brother did! And he got it on a fly! My brother was so happy! He wants to be a Fishing Guide when he get's older, and he is serious about making it his career. He actually just got back from Florida, he went down there to get lessons on how to cast a little better. He's so cute, he actually pretends he's casting during the day, in the car, in his bed, probably even on the toilet-
These are the pictures that my dad took of him today. Isn't that Bass just beautiful? Remember, they do not keep any fish they catch, it's always a catch release kinda thing.
For dinner, I went to Savannah with Jason, we went to Tubby's Tankhouse, which turned out to be really good! We ordered Calamari with banana peppers for $9.95, a plate of Hush Pup's for only $2.99, and we both got Cesar Salad's for $6.99, he added chicken to his which was an extra $3. And there was a live singer, and we were being entertained by some older 'drunk' people, which is always fun to watch!


Taylor said...

Your brother seems so genuine about it! I love these pictures, they capture something special. I wish him the best of luck on his way to learning more about fishing!


oh wow that looks to good,pictures like this make me wish i was American