Sunday, August 8, 2010

Almost a dollar.

For some reason blogger wasn't working yesterday- which made me kind of mad, cause I wanted to show you all some of the things we found yesterday while we were Garage Saling. So I guess I will just have to post them today! We haven't really been Garage Saling in a while cause it's just so hot no one wants to have any, but the ones we did go to we found a couple of: Dvd's for only a $1. I haven't seen the Tooth Fairy, but I did watch Chuck and Larry! (It was really funny). We also found two handmade bird house's for only a $1! I found two dresses for only a $1.. which I can't post cause they are getting washed. The only things that weren't a dollar were these two pieces of art work, which were $5! It was still a deal! I love them, the ones with the pumpkin's we are going to use as a display in the fall and the flower one is going in my 'someday' Florida Key's home! I also went to the Farmer's Market, got some tasty okra, and three watermelons.. which were a little too ripe :(


Shauna said...

thanks for commenting on my blog!!

I absolutely LOVE garage sale-ing!!! love it.

xx Shauna

Hannah said...

wow great deals!

your blog is sweet :) thanks for commenting

Flotsam Friends said...

Wow, you found some cool things there. Love the bird houses and the art, especially the pumpkins!! And those fruit and vegetables look to die for. Pruxxx

Ashley said...

Those vegetables are drool worthy and LOTR FTW!!