Friday, August 6, 2010

Let's take a tour of Downtown!

As I was driving back home I saw the most gorgeous rainbow, so I decided to stop and take a picture then I thought some of you bloggers might want to see some of Downtown Beaufort so with the help of my brother, Nick, and his girl friend Kate, we decided to take some pictures for you all to see.
Downtown Beaufort is one of my favorite places to go. I love just sitting down by the waterfront, watching people walk by, smelling the salty air, watching the sail boats float past the lovely sunset- it's just relaxing. Downtown has a few shops, but it's mostly known for it's delicious southern food! Nippy's is the only place I haven't been to downtown, but their Flounder Basket sounds pretty tasty, along with a live band that plays, it sounds like it could be my next favorite restaurant. If you do ever come to Beaufort, you must stop by Common Ground Coffee Shop, and order a Cookies & Cream Frapp. it is delicious. If you want to learn about Beaufort or if your interested in the past wars, you can go to the Downtown Museum, it's pretty neat looking at all the old clothes and stuff. I also took a picture of one of my favorite houses, it's the pink house, with the cutest guest house I think I have ever seen! It's decorated with American Flags, along with their fence, and they have a Volkswagen Beetle! I felt like I was taking pictures mostly of the couple I was with, which I had no problem doing, they are just so cute! And after all the walking we decided to do a few handstands! It didn't really work out for me, so instead we jumped as high as we could- then got kinda worn out and decided to go home and eat some shrimp! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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