Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Love ♥

I'm in love with Fruit 2 Day, in the Mango Peach flavor! I first tried these simply amazing drinks at a Grand Opening at Publix in Florida, they had samplers everywhere, and this drink just happen to be one- it was a sign! I just love it! Two come in a pack (And there is always a coupon inside the pack), when there on sale at my Publix I buy at least three 0r more packs! They are great for breakfast, just a quick drink, and your on your way out the door, or you can drink it while on the way to work! I really love the Mango Peach flavor, but the Strawberry and Orange is good, too. They also have a new flavor, which is Cherry Grape, but I can't find it anywhere.. Did I mention it's a drink, with real fruit bits in every sip! It's 100% juice, all natural, no sugar added, and only 120 calories! If you see them at your grocery store, grab it, and just drink it on the way home, you will looooove it!



Thanks for sharing gurl.

Lisa xx

maggeygrace said...

Dude. I want to try this! I am so bad at eating well and this would save my butt :) Thanks!