Thursday, August 26, 2010

What a Thursday..

On the way to Charleston, we came through a heavy storm, but I do have to say it looked beautiful as we were driving on the causeway. (But it's not fun driving in, especially when your driving on one the most dangerous roads in the south).

On the way to we stopped by one of my favorite places, the Bull Grape Farm, it was raining so we couldn't pick, but thankfully those cute old people were out there selling the Grapes by the pound. So we $10 worth, and ate them on the way! If you ever go to Charleston SC, you need to go to this little Irish Cafe' called The Blue Rose Cafe' My mom and I ate there for dinner, and it turned out to be really good! There were only like two other people there, which was unusual cause usually when we drive past there, they are always packed. They have a really cozy place, and there bathroom makes me think of my Grandma, that's how cozy it is! My mom ordered a Cesar Salad, and a Veggie Burger, with fries. I ordered the Flounder, with melt in your mouth Mashed Potatoes, and French String Beans. Did I mention the cook was soo adorable? .. well, he was.

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