Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Let's talk BOOTS!

As you all know .. I found my perfect boots for only $6.99 'new' at a Thrift Store in Charleston SC. But my mom on the other hand, hasn't found her pair.. which kinda stinks, but thankfully the 'coolness' hasn't actually hit us yet, so she has time! She is looking for vintage, used looking, mid-calf/to knee cowboyish boots. If you know of any great places or sites please leave a comment and let me know! (Oh and if they are around $80 or less, that'd be realllllly nice!) Anyways, since we are on the subject of boots here are some i'm liking right now! Align CenterCome dream with me. . .
Shopbop Boots Forever21 Boots Sundance Boots


Kristin said...

The vintage studded booties...Be still my heart! I have a pair of studded Frye cowboy boots, so I probably don't need the booties, but I still want them. HA!

Marie said...

$6.99? What a great find!:D

***** Marie *****

Allison said...

haha yeah, we do have almost the same boots.
You have such great taste. :)