Thursday, September 30, 2010

Simple, comfy, stylish.

Here's my look of the day: It's simple, comfy, and stylish. ______________________________

Shirt JCPenny (lingerie tank), Old Navy cardigan, Ann Taylor Loft pants, Old Navy Flip-flops, Target Bag, and Bracelet from a boutique.


Anna Walker said...

Oh! I love this outfit and the pictures and where you took them! :)

Ali said...

What a neat location! I love the pattern on your top. :)

Jess said...

Look very comfy yet stylish all at once! And I LOVE your boots post!

Sydney said...

You look Beautiful! I'm LOVING that top ... great combo! And thank you!! Enjoy your weekend toooo!

Jodi said...

Hi Kristen.. thanks for coming by my blog for a visit!! I see from your blog we already have tons in common... I also love BOOTS! wooo hooo! AND I used to be a kayak guide.. I love love love nothing more than being out on the water for several days and the peacefulness of being out there with all the seals, eagles, whales, marvelous!!

great photography by the way!! I have only been doing this blog thing for 3 months and am having the most fun playing with the camera!

hope you drop by again and great to meet you... Carolina.. holy smokes thats way on the other side (I'm on the Canadian West Coast!!)

have a super day!!!

-Sam I Am- said...

Those pants are amazing!!! I'm in love.
My sanity has returned, I'm back to blogging!! Missed your posts while I was drowning in school work, ha. Glad to be back and I hope you have a lovely weekend!!

Marie said...

I love white pants and I like how you've paired it with a colorful top.:D

***** Marie *****