Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Finds!

Today was a really fun day of going to Yard Sales! There was a community yard sale in Habersham, if you read Coastal Living, or Southern Living, or even Better Homes, they always advertise Habersham. It's a really nice community. And if you have been following my blog- I always post pictures of their pool! (Which I love going to!) Anyways, they had a really fun yard sale! I got a canvas rug, a silverware tray, two really cute antique wire baskets, a ring, an apple painting, and a dog frame. Then we went to a few more yard sales and there was nothing! So we headed to the Farmer's Market, and got a lot of tasty veggies, and some pretty plants! Then on the way back home we stopped by Habersham for one more go-around. And we found an Elephant lamp, a metal Pelican picture art-deco, and a free small pet carrier (which is perfect for my Guinea Pig, Chloe'!)
And while we went to the garbage dump earlier, there was a man throwing away adorable wedges! One pair was new from Charlotte Russe, the other was used, but still cute. Unfortunately they are size ten.. and I am a size 81/2-maybe a 91/2.
Anyways, take a look at my pictures! I hope you love them!
Apple painting $1Ring .50Silverware tray .25Dog picture frame $2Antique Wire Baskets $1 eachPineapple Canvas Rug $2Elephant $4Pelican Art $4Free Little Carrier for Chloe'
Some Good Stuff Huh?


Tricia - A Rosy Note said...

What great finds! I can't believe you got those wire baskets for $1 each.

I see you live in South Carolina. I am dying to visit there...more like move...I would LOVE that nice warm weather :) I am following you :)

Alicia said...

I'm kinda coveting those baskets! I buck?? Seriously?? Nice work!