Friday, September 24, 2010

When it's meant for you.. it will come.

And it did, today! I went to Charleston with my mom to just go shopping and return somethings. Well we happen to stop at one of the places I love to go, it's called Children's Cancer Society Thrift Shop. Let me just tell you, the building is scary-as-hell! But you will find the most unbelievable things in there! Like name brands, expensive one's at that! Like Burberry, DKNY, Calvin Klein, Garnet Hill..and a lot of other's! Well anyways I went in there to just look around, and I found the most amazing thing you could ever find in a Thrift Store! -Boots! Brand New Boots! For $6.99! They were from Target, which they do not look like that's where they are from- they look expensive to me. . . and they are perfect! (I kinda put it out to the world that "it would be nice to find some brown flat boot's".. and it answered the next day!) Don't you just love that! I also went into Southern Accents, a shop in Mt. Pleasant that's always being advertised in Coastal Living for great Southern things, and fun beachy finds. My mom bought a wire spire for Halloween that was $4.50, and a Fish Plate for $10! Cuteee stuff- just look at the pictures below for yourself! (I will add them soon)! And one of the last places we went was an Antique Mall that's next door to Southern Accent's. My mom is a genious at finding things, I don't have pierced ears, and she found a booth with clip-ons! Most of the clip-ons are vintage, and they were under $5! Great Buy!
I just loveee day's like this!


Mz-Cellaneous said...

Cute boots! Brand new and a steal. I'm gonna send out some of those vibes and see what turns up.

Jessica said...

what beautiful boots! i wish i could have found some in a thrift store instead of shelling out the pretty penny that i did for mine from nine west! ugh!