Sunday, October 31, 2010

Boooooooo, like a ghost!


So it turns out I did dress up for Halloween, as a kitty, my mum says I was more of a "Cougar"! (Long story, i'll make it short, is it me or are young guys just hot!) Anyways, I went to my friends Halloween party, he said "Make sure to wear a costume", so I did, as did one of my cute friends that came with me, Hunter, he went sorting through my Halloween Dress Up Box and found a Clown outfit! So he wore that! .. So we walk up to my friends house, he has a projector so they were watching the movie the 'Crazies' outside on a sheet.. and yeah, there were quite a few people, as I got closer, I realized I, and Hunter were the only ones dressed up!!! Luckily one of my other friends, Mel, was Dorthy.. and then two more of my friends came and thankfully they were dressed as a cop, and a cowgirl, woo!

But before the party, I watched Jeeper's Creeper's with my mum, my brother, his friend Alex, and Hunter. And we made creepy drinks, with worms! (You just had to be there to enjoy them!)

How was your Halloween?

Alex-Hunter-Dorthy and the kitty-Mel, Me, And Hunter-

What were you all for Halloween?


Marie said...

You are one cute kitty!:D Looks like a fun night!:D

***** Marie *****

-Sam I Am- said...

look how beautiful you are!!! :)

I love the kitty costume. My Halloween was awesome. Marilyn went great! Pics coming soon. Again, you look adorable ;)

Jodi said...

oh yeah. you are a cougar!! definately.. except you are too young to be an official cougar, if you know what I mean.. hah hah..

very cute. I didnt dress up.. was on a flight to cold east of Canada in Quebec.. brrrr

cute outfit for sure.. You are too cute anyway :)

PS.. Hi to your mom!! whats her name?

Ninjagaiden78 said...

Creepy drinks with worms, cool.
Sounds like you all had a great time.