Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Something so simple..

Here is something I've been dying to do lately and it's so easy! I have two picture frames (that show family photo's) but they are just so plain, so I had to do something! My mum is a ribbon person, she just loves it, and saves all kinds of ribbon.. so I went through her ribbon drawer, and found black ribbon. I took that, found some Martha Stewart Scissors, and started cutting away! And this is what I came up with for right now. Maybe later I will change it out, and add some cute big green spots or something. But until then, this will have to do. Just something easy-


Jodi said...

oh you little Martha Stewart you....
always busy making something fabulous!! sometimes these simple things are the best ones!!

What else have you been doing in your photography class?

I am just finishing week 2 of self imposed homework.Week 1 I could only use the A Aperture Priority setting, this week only use the S Shutter Speed Priority... I am already way more familiar with the camera now.. next week not sure.. maybe Program Auto and then following week only M Manual Setting... hurry up and post some more of your pics cuz i get inspiration from you.

OH, and maybe we should have a ribbon giveaway and then maybe your mom would be a follower on my blog :P lol

bye bye from COLD Quebec!!! brrrr me want to go hommmmmeeeee.

Jessica said...

Great job. That is a cute idea, and I love the idea that it isn't permanent and you can change it :0

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

It does really change and focus it! Also, your header is different every time I visit!!!!