Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's just a little joy of mine..

Going to Yard Sales this week was so so so fun! We got tons of stuff! Which is like a first, usually we only get a few a things.. but this week was different! I can't believe I got the Lady in The Hat painting for only $2!!!!! (And it came from the artist herself!) We got some other things, but I didn't want to post everything.. Don't you just love finding great finds?

Mustard scarf $1-

Ralph Lauren Cashmere and Angoria sweater only $1-

$20 for all these pins, my mum loves pins..-Cute coat hook $1-Vintage Christmas Figures .50 - $2.00 each-All these movie were less then two dollars, best deal was Jesse James DVD, only 10 cents!-1970 Vintage santa $3-Only a dollar, made in Italy!-These guys were $2 each-Flounder painting $3-

Oh, de fish.. ha ha, love it!


Anna Walker said...

WOAH! You found amazing finds! Seriously!!!

Jodi said...

its a good thing you and I dont live in the same city, we would be trouble together garage sales and thrifts stores galore! I love good finds at garage sales. Especially here since there are alot of rich old people who have estate sales and get rid of designer clothes and stuff so cheap. I love the stuff you got.. I can imagine your house must be so cute.. Your style is great!!

HEY!! you have to share your photography tips with me.. pleeeaaseeee!! hah hah I did look into a photography course here but the ones i found all started around the same time I was going to Hawaii so I have to wait for the next batch to start up.. so thats on my BUCKET LIST of things to do!!!

you have to show your apple pictures on here too.. cant wait to see how creative you get with a piece of fruit!!

happy Sunday!!
xo j

Christina said...

Wow, I am seriously impressed by your finds! I used to make the yard sale/garage sale rounds back when we first moved into our house, but I haven't been in awhile. Maybe I need to start going again!

I seriously love the scarf, the lobster/oyster signs and de fish ;)

JMay said...

Nice finds! Now I need to go find some more yard sales :-)

Kristen said...

GREAT finds!! I love to go to yard/garage sales, but it's hit or miss for me - mostly miss :( I guess I'm not very good at it. But go you!