Monday, October 18, 2010

Let's stay in the bathroom-

Our bathroom is finally done! Okay almost, we have some small tweaks here and there.. but overall, it looks great! I just want to live in it! The biggest project was mastering the ceiling, it took sometime, but it is done! (It's like the best ceiling I've ever seen, and we are doing it in our kitchen as well). Some added details are: the light over the sink, is actually an outside light, the picture frame over the toilet was once black, our bathroom door is brand new, the vanity is actually two pieces; my father had to build another piece on to fit the sink in, and the fish picture above the shower was only $5 at a yard sale!

What do think?


Scary movie of the night- Thirty Days of Night: Dark Days.. and yeah, it was lame, don't watch it! It's nothing like the first one at all! .. But do watch the first one called 'Thirty Days of Night' it's really good, esp. if you like scary looking vampires, and there's a plus; Josh Hartnett is the main character!


Jodi said...

Looks great!! What about some towels that are a similar color to the fish above the shower.. that rusty red salmon color. .that would add a nice pop and pull it all together.

It looks really clean and bright!! great work girlie :)

Anonymous said...

Looks the ceiling xoxoxo

Jennifer said...

I am loving the ceiling!

Collette Osuna said...

WOW....what a gorgeous bathroom...looks fabulous!!!

Read my interview w/Susan from ModCloth♥

Marie said...

Looks great, good job!:D

***** Marie *****

Jessica said...

Your bathroom looks great! I really love the ceiling and all of the details.