Saturday, November 6, 2010

Only $5 okay!

Once again,
great Saturday finds..
My mum and I had a great day at going to Yard Sales! We found a chest for only $5 best buy yet! Then my mum found a great wood cabinet for only $15! We also went to a Church Fall Bazaar, but it was too crazy, there were people just grabbing anything and everything; I hate crowded places, so we just gave up after we looked at the jewelry, (I got some pretty antique looking earrings). My mum found rugged cowboy boots for only $2! We also found a lot of candles, a bunny vase, and a cake top all for $5! Then my mum found a whole cake platter for $4.50..But I wanted to take pictures of the two best things, here they are!
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Marie said...

These are great finds! Seriously.:D

I like the $5 chest, it looks like something you'd find inside Pottery Barn for $150.

Happy Sunday!:D

***** Marie *****

Amy said...

Gorgeous finds you lucky girl!!!
Looks like you had a successful day.

Jessica said...

What great finds! That sounds like a lovely day with your Mum :)
I hear you on the crowded places as can kind of take away from the moment.