Friday, November 5, 2010

More like Winter Island..

So I went on a Field Trip today with my photography class today, (people from the previous photography class came as well, which was great, I got to meet some really nice people!) But anyways, we went to Spring Island. It was beautiful! All of us met at the Nature Center, and all of us got on to a trailer, with no hay, but hey at least we didn't have to walk! Let me just say, it was sooo cold this morning! Good thing I bundled up- Thanks North Face, I thought if I spent all that money on you, I'd be fine.. ha! I still needed two shirts and a fleece! Good thing I came prepared. Moving on, the trailer stopped at a few places on the island, everyone got off, snapped some photo's then got back on and moved to a different place. I like to take pictures of close ups and that's what I did (you will see the photo's below). I like being alone when I usually photograph, but having people around today taught me a lot. Camille, my teacher said 'look up' who knew if you looked up you'd see Hawks, Wood Storks, Wood Peckers, and even Bald Eagles! So good thing she said that- then there was a great Photographer out there named Charlie, he had to big boy camera, with an amazing lens! I am so tempted to buy a bigger lens! I really hope I can go back to Spring Island, hopefully in the the Spring, when it's warmer!

For now, here's some photo's I captured!

I hope you all have a great and 'warm' weekend!

These are my peeps! Doing absolutely nothing, but talking.. pssh.. just kidding!


Tricia - A Rosy Note said...

Gorgeous photos Kristen! Just curious, what kind of camera do you have?

Taylor said...

I love these photos! You really have an eye for it. It sounds so fun to take a photography class and go on excursions just to snap pictures. I'm sure everyone came up with something a little different. So cooL! It's definitely on my bucket list to take a photography class.

Jessica said...

What great pictures! I LOVE the one with the bumble bee :) Wonderful job.

Amy said...

Sooo jealous! I wish I could have gone!
Did you see the tents next to the ruins? Thats where I was!!!
Your pictures are lovely! See you Tuesday :)

Jodi said...

Great photos!!! I am like you, I would rather be out on my own fiddling with the camera and taking my ol sweet time... looks like you got some good tips from the others... as always your pics are really awesome.. you have a great eye for this and then the technical stuff just makes it even better!!

I am heading out for a few hours on Sunday to play around with my camera.... the ongoing saga.. its good, a bit of balance from all the sports!! and OOHHH lucky you.. what did you get at North Face?? I love their stuff!!!
xox j